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I’m Nicole!

I wear many hats: Reiki Master-Teacher, Angel Intuitive, and Medicine Mother, but at my heart I’m an eternal student on the quest for the meaning of it all.

Part of my purpose is to remind you how powerful you are and to help remove any fear around embracing that. We all have our own gifts but there is only one you. As we each walk our own healing path, we light up and the warmth of that is felt by all those around us individually and together we can light up the world!

Spiritual guidance

How I Help


Energy clearing, re-balancing and soul-level restoration.

Angel Card Readings

Sacred transmissions and guidance from your angels and spirit team.


Gatherings to learn, inspire and grow together along your spiritual path.

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Why I Do This Work

Making Time For Yourself Matters

It can be so easy to get caught up with everything that needs doing and everyone you love who needs help, and sometimes that means forgetting about yourself.

You are so much  more than the roles you play in your life, and honoring yourself by devoting to your own growth is an important act of self-care.


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