Reiki Healing

with reiki master-teacher nicole schoen

What is Reiki

In the simplest of terms, everything is made up of energy. Reiki is a healing technique used to channel that energy through the hands of the practitioner into certain points of the body activating your bodies natural healing abilities. It is immensely relaxing and can help with anything from stress to physical and emotional pain.

Reiki is an amazing non-invasive tool to help promote the body‘s natural ability to heal.

The benefits are endless and there are no negative side effects to reiki.

Here’s Why You’d Benefit From a Reiki Session

Reiki can help with easing anything from physical pain to relieving stress and anxiety. In a very hectic world, reiki is a great tool to clear us of any negative, heavy, stuck, or fearful energy. Many people express feeling lighter, clearer and with a feeling of peace after a session


NOTE: There will be a price increase as of  JANUARY 1, 2024

90 Minute Session – $111

Includes: 1 hour reiki transmission, 15 minutes (before) for goal setting and intention, and 15 minutes after your session for intuitive feedback and reflection.

2 Hour Session – $133

Includes: 90 minutes reiki transmission with 15 minutes before and after your session for intention mapping and intuitive insights for integration.

* All sessions offered both In-Person or Remotely


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