I hope you were able to find time this past week for stillness and reflection. Believe me, I know distraction is a real thing! 🤪 I hope you were able to acknowledge what has been rising up within you and receive the signs and guidance pouring out to you.

 This week “Eight of water” comes as confirmation that this time of reflection has been very important and we are now being encouraged to move on. You are not only seeking but deserve more from life than what you have been experiencing. The tides are changing and so may be your priorities. There is an opportunity at this time to make different choices. Choices that will eventually lead us to a future that is more aligned with who you are now and what you truly desire. 

“The ace of fire” speaks of amazing opportunities! It’s time to be bold, courageous, and optimistic! This is a time for taking action, choosing to walk through that door, even if you don’t exactly know where it will lead. Follow your passion, your gut, and your joy. Trust that the lessons of the past will not be repeated and it’s time to use them to evolve further rather than allowing them to be what holds you back. 

This week is about bold choices, courage, and the opportunity for so much growth, joy, and magic. You have everything you need to succeed within and around you. It’s time to believe in yourself and know how powerful and worthy you are. 💫 

Have a magical week

Always Nicole ✨ 

Deck: Angel Wisdom By: Radleigh Valentine

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