For the last month or so, I have noticed a shift in the presence of spirit surrounding us. I have noticed this in my Reiki sessions, Angel Card Readings, meditation, and also coming through in our weekly readings. Our ancestor spirits are close! They are here protecting and guiding us, offering us an added sense of “Security” and ”Inner Peace” at this time. 

We are also being reminded that the inner peace, happiness and serenity we desire is our birthright. It’s not something we need to search for or earn. Instead recognize that it already exists within you. Know that peace transcends fear. There is nothing more powerful over you than you, your thoughts, and your will! One of my favorite Kyle Gray quotes is, “ I am the keeper of my mind and body.  Where there is love, fear is a stranger. Love is here!” 💥 

The angels want to remind us that our lives are unfolding according to a Divine plan that we are co-creating at the same time. We are in a state of metamorphosis, between what was and what will be. It’s time to get comfortable in the darkness as you are exactly where you are supposed to be as the Universe recalibrates for you.

Wherever possible, simplify your life this week. Spend time in nature and connect with your guides and the voice of your soul. Embrace the security and inner peace of this cocoon. You are being held. Trust the process, remembering that enjoying the journey is just as important as the destination. 

Have a beautiful week 

With so much love always 


Deck: Sacred Destiny Oracle  By: Denise Linn