This week is all about “Quieting the Mind.” Life can be overwhelming, chaotic, busy, and loud. We are human, living a human experience and it is impossible to avoid this. But if you realize that you are capable of being the eye of the storm, finding peace and calmness within the craziness, navigating through can be so much easier and clearer. Quieting the mind allows us “Awakening Genius,” which is about hearing the voice of your soul, your higher self, and your guides for inspiration and guidance. 

We often underestimate the power of two things. The power of perception and the power of intention! Perception is everything, and we all see life through our own lenses, primarily based on our experiences. Our beliefs about ourselves and the world, all start with our thoughts and feelings. To change our mind is to change our reality. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. How often our perception tells us that anything that’s worth anything has to be hard. Whether it’s relationships, manifestation, making a lot of money, or even our spiritual practice, why do we believe it all has to be such hard work? Why can’t we put more faith in our second most powerful superpower. Intention! (Let’s all intent that it all flows to us with ease!) 

I feel like we all “should” ourselves to death. Always judging ourselves. Should we have eaten better, exercised longer (or at all 😆), meditated longer, partied less, the list goes on and on! What if this week we just use the power of intention to commit to quieting our mind, so that we can allow the inspiration and guidance that is so desperately trying to get our attention come through loud and clear. Even if it’s just five minutes each day, be committed. Do this without judgment or shame. It’s all enough! 

You do not have to do it all on your own! You don’t have to figure it out, come up with all the ideas, be everything to everyone. The Universe is with you, inspiring you, and motivating you in a certain direction. We just need to quiet ourselves enough to hear it. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Have a beautiful week 💫 

With so much love always,


Deck: Oracle of the 7 Energies  By: Colette Baron-Reid