This week our messages feel more like a wink and a nod. Confirmation that you are on the right path with a reminder that the destination is happiness. You are not on this path alone nor does anything happen by accident. Nothing is random and there’s no such thing as coincidence. So it’s important to stay aware of the signs and synchronicity around you. 

“Djwal Khul” is here with “dharma unfolding” to remind us that our path is unfolding just as it should. It may not be time to run, but simply taking one small step at a time towards your goals and happiness is all that’s required. This is also a good time, as we are in the last week of this mercury retrograde, to take time to review the past. We do this not to relive any pain, but to acknowledge the lessons gained. It’s time to acknowledge and recognize your strengths. Can you see and take pride in how far you’ve come and how courageous you’ve been? 

“Krishna“ is here with the message of “devotion,“ and wanting to acknowledge that your devotion to your spiritual path has been recognized. Although you may have been feeling a bit detached or unfocused lately, this comes as confirmation that you are never disconnected from spirit! Our guides are here with the message that they are helping us to move beyond the limitations of our mind and ego at this time. Trust your spiritual guidance that is arising.  Your connection is as strong as ever and about to get a little upgrade, so lean into that. 

Finally, the angels want you to know that you are loved unconditionally. They happily walk beside you on your journey and again want to remind you that happiness is your purpose. 

With so much love,


Deck: Keepers of the Light  By: Kyle Gray