This week we received the “Five of Earth,” which is showing up as a heads up to pay attention to our thoughts. Well hello mercury retrograde! As mercury represents communication, it also has a lot to do with logic and our thinking. My chart is ruled by this planet, so I often refer to my “mercury brain“ 🤔 😂 The angels hear your thoughts and your prayers at this time. But please know that our negative thoughts and fears could manifest into real challenges, so do what you can to keep your thoughts positive.

Know that there is medicine in whatever is coming up for you at this time and you are not in it alone. Do not hesitate to ask for help or assistance in anyway. And do not underestimate the power of prayer. Again, trust that your thoughts and prayers have been heard and answers are on the way.

Coupling this with the “Queen of Fire,” the angels want to remind you that there is nothing you can’t do! No matter what comes your way you have 100% got this! It’s time to take back your power, give your worries to the Divine and believe in yourself! Do not underestimate your ability to make your dreams come true!

So, if at any time this week you feel overwhelmed with negativity or fear, know that this is not your truth! Fear lies! You can acknowledge its existence, but you are the one driving this bus! 

Have a beautiful week, 

So much love always, 


Deck: Angel Wisdom Tarot By: Radleigh Valentine