This week we received “Opening to Discovery” and the angels are asking us to pay attention. The Universe is always speaking to us but unfortunately there is so much outer noise and distraction that we sometimes miss the signs and messages that are happening for and around us. We are exposed to so much noise on the daily and although we can’t always control what’s going on around us it’s important to at least try to find some balance in what’s coming in. Too much news, social media, gossip, or drama filled peeps can really affect us in more ways than you realize. 😕

We are being guided to clear the distractions and then “Let it Go!” Let go of the old stories and hurts that are weighing you down. Yes there is a lot of outside noise, but sometimes we use that as a distraction from our own emotions and feelings. Hiding from our own anger, frustration, disappointments, and resentments. It’s time to forgive yourself and others. Not because what they did was okay, but because you are no longer willing to give them any power over you. You are no longer willing to carry false identities or stories that others have placed upon you. 

We are responsible for our perceptions, emotional reactions, and judgments and it’s time to clean that up! We do that through forgiveness. Remember that the Universe is always guiding you, sending you signs and messages to help you on your journey. Expect a message this week. Pay attention, be open, curious and unattached. The world around you is your own oracle, trust your intuition and whatever arises within. Even if you don’t fully understand the messages you receive, acknowledge them anyway and know that you will in time. They are magical keys that will unlock parts of yourself that have been hidden away, opening you up to more joyful and loving experiences 🗝

I would love to hear the beautiful signs that show up for you all this week. Please feel free to share them. 🦋🪶🪺🌈

Always Nicole

Deck: Oracle of the 7 Energies. By: Colette Baron-Reid

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