This week we are being encouraged that perhaps stepping back for “A Higher View” will offer us a higher perspective. Sometimes life is so close to the end of our noses, it’s hard to see clearly. As we pull ourselves back for this new view, we are being invited to let go of judgment and attachment to the situations around us and try to find a space of neutrality. 

As we pull ourselves back, we can see ourselves more clearly and take notice when we fall back into old patterns, automatic responses, and reactions that come from old habits and conditioning. It’s important to understand that being reactive keeps us in repeated patterns. And perhaps equally important, recognizing that avoiding triggers may keep us in our comfort zone, but this is not the space where we grow, nor heal. We need to find the balance in between, facing these things head on with a new response from a more enlightened place.

“Bearing Fruit” is here to remind us that we are extremely magical and powerful beings. There is a direct correlation between what you see or expect, what you intend consciously, and what you project unconsciously. How we think and what we believe is often reflected in the outside world.

This is a powerful time for manifestation. You may find things happening very quickly with little effort. So pay attention to what it is you are bringing into reality. Remember that where our focus goes is where the energy flows, be clear about what you intend.

May your higher perspective and intentions bare the fruit you desire! (And if not, pluck those weeds and plant something better)

Have a magical week! 

With so much love always,


Deck: Oracle of the 7 Energies  By: Colette Baron Reid