This week is all about you! Your connection to your higher self, your soul and your heart. But also your connection to the invisible and the divine support that surrounds you. This can be any combination of  angels, loved ones in spirit, or other ascended beings of light and of course the Universe/God themself. You are loved and supported. You are being guided and inspired. 

I’ve heard @kylegrayuk say this many times but each time I seem to breathe it in more deeply. “Not only were you born on purpose, you were born FOR a purpose“. If you have been feeling drawn in a certain direction, this is not a whim or an accident. This is your soul awakening to an inner calling. It’s leading you in a perhaps new direction that will not only light you up but will also light up the world around you. 🔥 

As the “Star Ancestor” reminds us of the divine support surrounding us, the “Hermit” asks us to retreat and recharge. Spend some time in meditation, nature, or perhaps just a scenic drive or walk. There is a lot of information, inspiration, and ideas that are being downloaded to you now. The quieter and less distracted we are, the easier we can hear them. These may just pop in as an idea or an urge. You may receive messages through your dreams or a song on the radio. (and let’s not forget that other people can be messengers for us as well) However this happens for you, pay attention and allow your heart to be open to the possibilities of where your soul is leading you. 🏹

Remember that your purpose will always lead you in the direction of joy. So follow the joy! 💫 ☀️ 😊 

Have a beautiful week. 

With so much love, 

Nicole 💜

Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray

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