As the energy of this week may feel a bit intense, it is super appropriate and also comforting to have received these beautiful messages and confirmations. This is a time of transformation which often requires a bit of courage, a bit of faith, some vulnerability, and trust. But change can be a magical thing, and on the other side of this cocoon, there are beautiful wings that are waiting to carry us onward!

The “Aspen Spirit” is here to affirm that you are protected and safe. This is a card about courage, protection, community, and the ability to move through any obstacles that are in our way. You are ready to step forward with courage and grace! Your roots are strong! It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to do it all alone! Be willing to accept help. And remember that being fearless doesn’t mean having no fear, it just means fearing less. 

The “Wise Woman of the Groove” is the promise and confirmation that no matter what might be going on around you, you have access to immense wisdom, healing, joy and inspiration at this time. 

This is not a time for arguing, but a time of deep witnessing.  Knowing that your truth may not be the same as someone else’s and letting that be ok. Also understanding that it may be possible for two things to be true at one time. We are not responsible for the stories others carry, but it’s important to understand the stories we tell ourselves, and how they may tint our lenses.

Follow your inner Compass trusting that your path is guided! Spirit guardians are  close (And have been for a while) They are watching over you and want you to know that you are ready to step forward with courage and grace!

With so much love always,


Deck: The Sacred Forest Oracle By: Denise Linn