Happy Sunday and Easter Sunday to all who celebrate! Not sure about you but I have certainly been feeling this shadow period to our upcoming Mercury retrograde. Not in a bad way, just feeling everything! If that’s you also, it’s okay, just allow this to move through you and take a little extra time for self-care and good boundaries. Sometimes feeling the energies of everyone around us can be a little overwhelming, but I promise you this is truly a gift. Honor of your sensitivity.

This weeks messages are in complete flow with everything that we’ve been hearing over and over again. “Embrace this Magical Moment,” is showing up as another reminder that we are in the perfect energetic space for manifesting miracles. We are being guided to allow our wishes to be fulfilled. 

Sometimes right before the miracle happens, we tend to get in our own way. This self sabotage happens for many reasons (and often on a subconscious level). Fear of failure, disappointment, change, and even our own power to name a few. But again, the message is clear, “You’re Ready for More!” Keep your thoughts positive, stay focused, and trust that you are in fact ready! 

If you have been contemplating making any changes now is the time. This doesn’t have to be huge, a small step in the right direction is all that is required to give the Universe the green flag. This is an exciting time of growth, blossoming dreams, heart expansion, and wishes fulfilled. It’s important that you know, and remember that you are worthy and deserving of it all! 

Have a magical week 💫 

With love always,


Deck: Archangel Michaels Sword of Light Oracle By: Radleigh Valentine