What beautiful energy this week, especially coinciding with the new moon in Leo we will be experiencing on Wednesday, and being in the shadow of the upcoming Mercury retrograde that begins next week. It’s a time of deep witnessing, going within, nurturing yourself, your thoughts and your dreams. 

Our first card, “Openness” asks us to be still. Take time to breathe and be open. Do not be reactive and engage in the dramas surrounding you. Instead, become the observer of life as it unfolds before you. In this stillness we can better hear the messages of our soul. This is a time to incubate our dreams. Allow for a sense of wonder and pay attention as the Universe will be sending you signs. Be receptive to receiving these signs. Too often we are too distracted and can easily miss them. There is also a message that miracles can show up in your life this week in ways you might not have expected, but again, we must be open to this.

Next we received “Protection.” With this comes the message that you are protected! It is safe for you to dream, to want, and to be. You have everything you need within you to handle anything that is thrown at you. You are a survivor and you can survive anything. You are strong and brave. The wisdom you carry is expanding within you and the angels want you to feel safe as you stretch and grow in all directions. 

Sometimes in order for the miracle to occur, all we need is a shift in perception. Know that you are super supported at this time. I feel like the Universe is going to be very loud this week with signs and messages that are quite undeniable. It’s important to remember that the soul and the Universe whispers. It’s our egos that are loud. Pay attention to the whisper. 

With so much love,


Deck: Sacred Destiny Oracle By: Denise Linn