This week we received “Mercury” which is all about communication. We are being guided to get a weight off our chest, to speak up with love and be heard. I keep hearing and feeling the word RISE. There is a beautiful and powerful energy rising within you now. This energy represents a part of your soul that we have perhaps pushed down. It’s important to honor your truth and allow this part of you to rise up now. 🔥

It doesn’t matter how you communicate as long as you do. This could be in the form of a conversation you have with someone else or just with yourself. If you feel you communicate better through writing then do it that way!✍️ It’s also important to listen. There may be some important information coming through that way as well so pay attention. This is a week to hear and to be heard. 

Coupled with “Radha”, a card about relationship harmony, there is a good chance that our communications will bring a huge opportunity for healing. So speak up  with love, integrity and authenticity. ❤️‍🔥 Radha also encourages us to re-discover a lost part of ourselves. Remember that energy rising within you?…Honor that!  

There is a great opportunity this week to bring harmony and healing to any relationship. (This includes the one we have with ourselves) By speaking our truth and healing miscommunications and misunderstandings, we are clearing all roads to love in our lives. We do  this through compassion, love, and forgiveness.  By honoring ourselves in this way, the relationships around us will begin to reflect the love we have for ourselves…which ultimately, IS the most important love of all. 

Can we just change that Jerry McGuire quote to… “I complete me” 😂 💗

Have a beautiful week

Always, Nicole

Deck: Keepers of the Light By: Kyle Gray 

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