This week we received one of my favorite cards from the Angels and Ancestors. The “Shapeshifter” is encouraging us to develop and strengthen our gifts. You have so much inside of you that wants to be expressed. It’s time to recognize, discover, and re-discover the gifts and talents that you were born with!

The “High Priest” is asking us to recognize these gifts within us and our power to change our own lives. We are being encouraged to face our fear and focus on what we’d like to create and experience in our lives. Everything you are giving your energy to is creating your way forward. Focus on what lights you up! You are growing, healing, and expanding.

The angels want to acknowledge the challenges, setbacks, lows, and heartache that you have experienced. But they also want you to know that you ARE moving beyond these past challenges! Trust that they are behind you, and that you are only stronger and wiser because of it. These experiences may be part of your story, but they are NOT the whole book, and they do not define you or your future! 

Believe in yourself. Trust what’s rising up within you and get focused on honing the gifts you were born to share. You are so much more powerful than you know! 

Have an amazing week!

With love always,

Nicole ✨

Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray