This week we received two beautiful guardians, the “Medicine Guardian” and the “Earth Guardian.” Before I could even start to focus on the message I was captured by this beautiful emerald green energy. For me this felt extremely healing, grounding, and heart centered. I immediately felt connected, held, and supported. 

The medicine guardian, a representation here of Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, is asking us to listen to any information that might be rising within you at this time. (We are talking about what feels warm and expansive… not fear-based thoughts.) Also pay attention to any healing information that is being shared with you by trustworthy others in your life. Whether you are working through something mentally, emotionally, or physically, this information will help transform your situation. There is a whole team of spiritual energies (Angels, guides, passed love ones, etc.) surrounding you at this time!

The Earth guardian is guiding us to stay rooted and grounded. To make decisions based on strength and integrity. It’s time to stand strong knowing that you have the capacity to not only heal but to make your dreams a reality. Again do not make decisions or react out of fear. This is not a week to rush forward but to breathe deep and connect with your center and the world around you. 

The angels are handing you some magical healing seeds. Pay attention, but don’t forget, you cannot miss what is meant for you. You decide whether to take them and what you’re planting. 🌱

May this week bring you an abundance of healing, love and connection. 💚

Always Nicole

Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray 

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