This week’s cards and messages feel very aligned with the current energy, as we are experiencing our second full moon this month and are currently in a Mercury retrograde. A time to go within, see truth, and let go, as a new cycle is about to begin. 

The “Unicorn” is a beautiful representation of magic, wonder, and purity. The angels are encouraging us to see our lives through new and fresh eyes. Eyes of wonder. When we stop looking at the world through the lenses of our past, everything changes. The past does not define you and it’s time to let go of the things you are holding onto, including perspectives that no longer serve or support you. Get in touch with your inner child, your inner dreamer, and let’s make space for this new magic. ✨

The “Spirit Guardian of Winter” (like Mercury) is asking you to go within. Pay attention and purify your thoughts and intentions. Nurture yourself and your dreams. Make plans for the future and allow yourself to be in a state of wonder, but know that this is a time for rest and replenishment. Care for your body and your health. Repair whatever needs to be repaired in your life knowing that you are creating a sturdy foundation for moving forward. 

Let go of anything or anyone that drains you. And know that it’s okay to pull back from people and situations that don’t make you feel supported at this time. Do this without guilt or judgement. It’s also a good time to clear clutter. Making space in the physical can also help to clear our cluttered minds. We are just creating space! 

This truly feels like a magical week with so much opportunity and possibility on the horizon! Take this time to nurture yourself, so you will be more than ready! 

With so much love 


Deck: Sacred Forest Oracle By: Denise Linn