This week we are being watched over by some beautiful guardian energy and are surrounded by love. As soon as I turned these two cards over, I could feel my heart expand. It is my hope that as you read this, you will allow yourself to receive this energy as well.  ❤️

The “Heart Guardian“ accompanied by the “Medicine Guardian” brings opportunities to heal matters of the heart. This may include healing relationships with others, but maybe more importantly, it includes healing the relationship we have with ourselves. 

The Heart Guardian is encouraging us to open our hearts to love and to let ourselves be loved. It’s also important to let yourself receive and not try to do everything on your own! I realize that our instincts are often to protect our heart, however the angels want to remind you that there is no need as this is your strongest center. The Anahata (💚chakra) literally means unstruck/unbroken. 

The Medicine Guardian and the healing energy of Archangel Raphael are surrounding you at this time. There is a message to pay attention for healing information to come through this week. Whether this information is coming from within you and your heart, or being shared to you by others, pay attention to this insight. This information may have a dramatic healing effect upon your life. 💚

May you receive all the messages, healing, and love that is pouring out to you!


Nicole   Xoxo

Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray