Not surprisingly, as we are in a mercury retrograde, this week there is an emphasis on communication. This is both in our willingness to hear and listen clearly, as well as being clear with our communication. 

The “King of Air” comes with a dual message of both standing up and communicating clearly, and also getting sound advice from another. If you’re in need of advice, it might be wise to ask someone who is emotionally unattached to the situation. This truth and perspective is both necessary and important. It may not be what we want to hear but nonetheless what we need to hear.

This is an important week to communicate clearly, and to clear up any misunderstandings that may have occurred. Speak your truth and be clear but try to remove yourself from the emotion. Allow your truth to stand on it own.

The “Three of Air” does bring some sadness with it which is important to acknowledge. The angels are surrounding you at this time helping to heal your heart. This isn’t something that we can rush through. Sometimes we need to sit with the sadness and allow it to move through us before we move forward. It’s important to remember we only grieve because we have loved. 

There is also an additional message for anyone who is grieving someone at this time. Grief is always difficult, but the holidays and this time of year can be particularly hard feeling that loss. Call on Archangel Azrael to comfort and fill you with peace during this time. (His energy feels like a big angelic hug.) 

Sending you all so much love this week 🫶🏼

💜 Nicole 

Deck: Angel Wisdom Tarot  By: Radleigh Valentine