I’d like to wish a Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate! 🕎 This time of year, there are so many celebrations of light within our different cultures and it’s my wish that wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, the light always finds you. We will also be experiencing our winter solstice this week (12/21) marking the shortest day of the year. A day to honor the darkness, but to celebrate the return of the light.☀️ 

This week we received “Two of Fire,” which is encouraging us to try and stay grounded and balanced at this time. Although this might not feel like a time to jump into action, the plans you are making are super important. Continue making plans and moving forward one step at a time.

You are also being encouraged to perhaps step outside of your comfort zone, and trust in another. Partnering with someone that shares your dreams would be amazing! So much more is possible when we unite in collaboration. But at the very least, finding a trusted someone to share your dreams with will not only be extremely healing, but will also magnify its manifestation power. 

Lastly, we received “The Emperor.” It’s time to get focused through logic and organization. Take charge of your life and your situation. You are the one you’ve been searching for. You have everything you need within you to be successful. You are the captain of your vessel and it’s time to steer that ship. Stop being led by the current and allowing the waves to throw you around. 🌊 Yes, the sea can be rough, but you my friend, have places to go!

This feels big. Although we are all on our own individual journey, I feel like this is an important time. We are being offered an opportunity to grow, level up, and live our lives with a greater purpose. 💜

Wishing you all a magical week filled peace & happiness 



Deck: Angel Wisdom Tarot  By: Radleigh Valentine