Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate! What a beautiful last week of 2023 we have in store. The energy has shifted to be a bit lighter, but is very much aligned to what has been coming through for us over the last month or so. A pull back for perspective has definitely been a theme. 

I absolutely love these two cards and I can feel my heart expand with the possibility of what’s to come. “Freedom“ is encouraging us to express ourselves without hesitation. To break free from the mundane and move beyond limitations and self-imposed boundaries. Don’t be trapped by old rules and the need to please others. Live life on your terms! (It’s totally possible to be free, and yet still be part of a loving community). Laugh more, dance, be bold and daring. Try something new! Find your wings and let your spirit fly, remembering that as you do, you will help others find their wings as well. 

Accompanying freedom is “Adventures,” which just adds to the excitement of what is right around the corner. If we could imagine seeing from the perspective of these beautiful birds, we would begin to see the world in new and different ways. It’s time to take off the blinders. Something or someone that we may have overlooked might just be the one who opens the door to new possibilities. Again we are being encouraged to live in a bigger and bolder way. You are not here to be ordinary! 

Embrace your uniqueness, be bold, and allow all that is possible to come forth!

Have a beautiful week

Always Nicole 

Deck: Sacred Destiny  By: Denise Linn