Happy new year!!! 🎊 

For this first week of 2024 we are being guided to pull back for “A Higher View.” Change is coming and the ability to distance ourselves for a higher perspective will help for clearer vision. Ever notice how easy it is to see and understand someone else’s situation? It’s hard to do this for ourselves because we are in it; It’s too close, making it harder to see as clearly. Sometimes we find ourselves reacting due to old wounds and conditioning, keeping us in old patterns. Or perhaps we avoid our triggers altogether, which could keep us in our comfort zone, not allowing us to experience new things.

We are being guided to step out of our usual perception. To let go of the naming or blaming of obstacles. Let go of judgment and assumptions. With a little distance, we can perhaps see how everything is connected, and how every experience has its gifts. Try to do this with neutrality and non-attachment to avoid clouding our judgment any further.

As New Year’s is often a time for resolutions, we are being guided to check in with our intentions with “A Merry Motive.” You have chosen a path and set an intention, but do you know why? Check in with yourself to make sure what you are pursuing is truly what YOU want. It’s okay to let go of old dreams that may not fit anymore. This isn’t about what is expected of you or about what others think you should do.  This is about you!

Once you recognize and affirm your true desire, let go of your attachment to the form that it’s supposed to come in. Make sure your motive is merry and joyful, clear and honest. Trust that the Universe will provide. Stay positive and in gratitude, knowing that you are worthy of your truest happiness and that it is all possible. 💫

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!

With love always,


Deck: Oracle of the 7 Energies 

By: Colette Baron-Reid