This week really is a continuation of the messages that we have been receiving. Our first card “Wizard of the Woods“ asks us to focus. (Sound familiar?) Another theme that keeps arising over the last few weeks is magic. Change is coming and there is true magic in the air. It is important at this time to keep our thoughts positive, focusing on the things we would like to attract into our lives. Do not focus on what you don’t want, what isn’t working, or what “could” happen. Turn your attention and intention towards gratitude and loving optimism. Allow for the miracles to unfold. 

Next we received “Stag Spirit.” Similar to the “Lord” from last week, this is all about leadership. We are being encouraged to step into a leadership role in our own lives.  Step out of the shadows and become a beacon for others. Don’t allow anyone or anything to dim your light. In the past, you might have been more comfortable behind-the-scenes, but it’s time to step up and shine. Just by being you, you are lighting up the world! 

It’s important to remember that “the greatest leaders are those who know how to serve and act as steppingstones for others to reach their dreams. You empower others, simply by being who you are… And who you are is enough.“ – Denise Linn 💜

So, with a deep breath and a bit of courage, remove the masks and step into the light. It is safe to do this. We no longer need to keep ourselves small to make others more comfortable. In fact, what is really needed is the exact opposite. Let them be uncomfortable. Growth doesn’t come from being comfortable anyway. It usually shows up when the discomfort becomes too great not to change.

Have a beautiful week!

With so much love