This week we received “A Grand Symphony,” and I love this analogy of life. In a grand Symphony, every instrument is important in making the music. But when we listen to it, it’s the song as a whole, not one single note that brings the song to life. We are being reminded of two polar truths. One, that we need to focus and embrace our own unique self. But just as true, we need to step back and see that we are part of a bigger whole. It’s understanding that “me” and “we” are connected and both need to be nurtured. Every individual instrument and note is needed for the symphony to be complete! 

We are being asked to embrace the concept of unity within diversity. How beautiful is that?! While many of us struggle with our identity or perceived purpose and how we fit into the world, how neat is it to know that your purpose is just to shine your light, to be you! Do not try to re-shape yourself to fit into a round hole, for you were born the absolute perfect shape, and are a profound important piece in this puzzle of life. 🧩

“The Oracle‘s Gift” is here as confirmation that you are on the right path! Trust in your own capacity to know what is right and true for you. All the answers you seek are within you already. It’s safe to trust your intuition and the signs that are reflecting back to you. Pay particular attention this week to receiving signs through music or lyrics.

May you clearly see the magic within you and the magic that surrounds you, today and everyday! ✨ 

Always, Nicole 

Deck: Oracle of the 7 Energies  By: Colette Baron-Reid