This week we received the “Mirror Guardian,” asking us to take some time to reflect on where we are AND how far we’ve come. Through the most loving and compassionate eyes, can you look back at the challenges you have endured and also see the strengths that grew from them? The wisdom gained? If we could, only for a moment, see ourselves the way the angels do. They are in absolute awe of us, they think that we are perfect and beautiful even at our worst! 

Take this time to really look at your strengths and challenges. Notice what life is reflecting back to you. And know, that a big part of what we experience or see, is a direct result of how we feel within. We need to pay attention to our thoughts and negative self talk. We would never speak to someone else the way we speak to ourselves. Beating ourselves up with judgment, guilt, and even shame. As you may be so quick to point out the “negative” aspects of your human self, can you also claim your gifts, talents and strengths? 

Coupled with the “Trader,” we are being encouraged to not only claim these gifts but to share them as well. Connect with others. Share your magic, your talents, your wisdom with the world. Allow yourself to be open, honest and vulnerable. In the tapestry of life we are all part of a bigger picture. Without you the picture is incomplete. We need you! Do not hold back! As you share yourself with the world the Universe will reflect this light back to you. 

This is a time for self-love and reflection. The energy of exchange leading to expansion is upon us. There are new opportunities on the horizon as old cycles come to an end. It’s important that we stand in the mirror with love, truth, integrity, and compassion. Then allow this love to reflect back, knowing you are worthy of all the most beautiful, joyful, and loving experiences. 🪞 

Have a beautiful week 💝

With so much love, 


Deck: Angels and Ancestors By: Kyle Gray