This week we received “Green Tara,” the goddess of compassion who is surrounding us in a light of protection and safety. She is reassuring us that cords are being cut between us and our past. If any fear or worry has been arising within you surrounding experiences from your past, trust that they will not be re-experienced. Acknowledge them and let them go. 

Green Tara and the angels have put a force field of protection, love and acceptance around you. Know that you no longer need to build up those walls around your heart and that it is safe to trust how you feel. This force field is not there to protect you from “something bad.” It is there to help you to feel held and supported as you expand and grow, moving beyond old limitations. 

“Mercury” is encouraging us to speak up, speak your truth with love, and be heard! Again, we are being held to feel safe to do exactly this. There are opportunities for important communication this week. You may hear from an old friend or family member. You may have an opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding or a situation where you feel you weren’t heard properly. It’s also important to listen as there may be important messages being shared with you as well. Trust that this open communication brings forth opportunities for deep healing.  

You are in a space of transformation, growth, and expansion. Feel the support that is surrounding you and spread those wings.

Have a beautiful week,

Always Nicole

Deck: Keepers of the Light  By: Kyle Gray