When tuning in to the angels and the energy for this week, all I can say is there is this incredible feeling of wheels set in motion. Even if we are not seeing or feeling that motion in this moment, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Our first message “Archangel Michael Is With You Now,” comes with this assurance. Our prayers have been heard, and the angels are working hard to help bring us what we have asked for. Trust in the unseen and the unknown. It may be better than you could have ever imagined!

You are also being encouraged to “Increase Your Knowledge.” There is a real feeling of opportunity in the air and this card comes as confirmation that education could usher in these opportunities. This could have to do with your career, your spiritual journey, or just learning something new for fun, something that fills your soul. So read that book, start your research, or take that class. 📚 It’s important to note, this should not feel like a chore or another thing on your to do list. Do what lights you up and follow your passion! Give yourself this permission and who knows what doors will open! 

If you have been contemplating learning something new, this is your sign that you are being led and supported in this direction! Archangel Michael is with us removing any obstacles in our way. He and your guardian angels are working hard behind the scenes to help you in your current situation, and bring you all that you desire. 

Have a beautiful week 💜

With so much love,


Deck: Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle  By: Radleigh Valentine