This week is all about “Self-Acceptance” and love. Seeing how far you’ve come and trusting that all you have been through has been a “Learning Experience.” It has helped shape the person you are today, which is a pretty bad ass, resilient soul, full of so much wisdom, strength, and love! 💪🏽

The Angels want to acknowledge that things have not been easy. They are asking you to have love and compassion for all that you’ve been through. To see these experiences as our teachers and to honor the strength and resilience within that has helped shape the person you are today. Let’s embrace the experiences of our past, but no longer as a story of limitation or pain, and more of a fire that fuels and lights our way forward. 🔥

Embrace your truest self. The one who has walked through the flames. See yourself through the eyes of your angels who love you endlessly just the way you are. Pay attention to negative self talk that is no longer serving you and take just one step at a time to change that narrative with kindness and respect.

Take time this week to reflect on your incredible strength. No matter what life has thrown at you you have made it through. Embrace the brilliant light that you are and step into this light with confidence and joy, not just for yourself, but knowing that you are a guide for others as well. The clouds are lifting and YOU are the light at the end of the tunnel!

Sending so much love your way.

Have a beautiful week,


Deck: The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray.