You are enough, just as you are.  Take a moment and a deep breath to really receive that. The synchronicity in the messages this week of protection and truth are really speaking to something deep inside of me. This energy has been surrounding us all and has been repeated a number of times. We are being offered ing new opportunities for healing, happiness, and truth.

“Guardians of the Land,” offer us protection. Do not be concerned by judgments or expectations of others. You are being held in a forcefield of light surrounding you in your own energy field. Although we have this beautiful Divine assistance, it is also important that we take responsibility for our own energy. We can do this by envisioning a protective shield around us, allowing only love and light to shine through but nothing else can penetrate. Let’s be clear, we are not protecting ourselves from some evil. We are sensitive beings, and this is an act of self-love, helping to take care of our own energy levels. 

“Raven Spirit,” is encouraging us to let go of what is not authentic or sincere in our lives. Surround yourself with people that uplift your energy rather than drain it. Release situations and people that make you feel drained, or where you feel that you cannot be your authentic self, feeling judged, or not accepted.

It’s time to discover your truth. A time of deep listening and honesty on a soul level. Remember that you are not your past. You are absolutely unconditionally loved, cherished, and enough just as you are. 

Find, speak, and live your truth! Feel the fear, but do it anyway! Follow your inner guidance and let go of anything that is no longer aligned. Old beliefs about who you are and what you deserve in life are falling away and being replaced by incredible new paths! 

Have a beautiful week

With love always, 


Deck: The Sacred Forest  By: Denise Linn