This week we received the “Hunter,” encouraging us to pay attention to our fearful thoughts or feelings. This is something that has been coming up a lot lately. Our thoughts are powerful! Recognizing the negative or fearful thoughts in real time (because sometimes we’re not even aware we’re in that space) can be crucial in shifting them. We are not giving these thoughts any power, we are simply witnessing them. For many of us, if asked to write a list of our deepest desires, we might struggle a bit. Yet making a list of the things that we absolutely do not want, well I bet we could fill pages! The thing is, sometimes in recognizing what we don’t want, we reveal the desire.  

“The Protection Guardian” is here to let you know that it is safe to face these fears and pursue your desires! We are being encouraged to drop our shields, come out of the shadows and step up and into our fullest potential. It’s time to let go of any shame, resistance, or fear that is standing in the way of being your most authentic and happiest self. 

Note that there may be an opportunity this week to face an aspect of your past, or bring closure to a situation that has been haunting you. On the other side of this is a new confidence and strength that will allow you the freedom to be who you were born to be. You don’t need to hide who you are or your gifts. You were born to shine and it is time! 

Have a beautiful week my friends ,

Always Nicole

Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray