This week the angels are surrounding us with the energy of peace and transformation. Our first card, Ten of Air, represents an ending. Although some endings can be difficult or challenging, this one feels like one that may be more of a relief and weight off your shoulders. Speaking of an ending that may bring some relief, mercury will be going direct on Wednesday the 18th, ending its retrograde. (See not all bad)😆 

We are being encouraged to embrace this ending; with it comes new opportunities for happiness. It’s also perfectly okay if this ending brings up some sadness for you. Honor all emotion but know that the most difficult part is behind you. Sometimes the unknown feels so much scarier than the familiar, even if “the familiar” isn’t working for you anymore. But let me tell you, your bags are packed, you are ready, and the angels are guiding you to walk through that door. 

With so much going on both within and around us, things may feel a bit overwhelming. You may be juggling multiple priorities, responsibilities, time, and even money.😵‍💫 As the image on the Two of Earth shows, it might feel as if you are walking a tight rope, with the fear that if you drop just one of your balls, you may fall into the abyss of emotion and despair. You won’t! The angels want to remind us of the importance of balance at this time, but also fun! We are being encouraged to find our balance and also to trust that even if we fall, we can swim! (Which can be super fun & freeing if we let it).

Do not underestimate the power of laughter and joy. By allowing these moments, more opportunities for joy will be brought to us. We are at the doorstep of change surrounded by transformation. This has been rising up and unfolding within us for quite some time. The old is shaking off, the past will not be repeated, but it’s you who decides if you walk through that door. 

Wishing you many moments of peace, joy and laughter this week 💜

With so much love,

Always Nicole

Deck: Angel Wisdom  By: Radleigh Valentine