I realize we are three weeks into 2023 but for me, it feels like the new year has just begun. With Mars and Mercury’s retrograde finally coming to an end, it feels as if the fog is clearing. We are really starting to feel that forward motion again and perhaps with a bit more pep in our step and creative juices flowing. Setting intentions for this first new moon 🌚 (1/21) of the year felt more like a New Year’s resolution. For me personally, I was finally able to commit to my new “word” of the year and things are definitely feeling clearer. I hope you are feeling this too! 

With the fog lifting and all this forward motion, we are being encouraged to shift our perceptions. We can change our reality by changing the way we think! The “Air Guardian” is here to help clear away  any negative, fearful, or haunting thoughts from the past so we can see the world more clearly. Pay attention to the conversations you are having both with others and more importantly yourself. Realizing that the way we see the world is how we will experience it, it’s time to move beyond the limits we have set for ourselves. What if anything was possible? What if everything was possible? 💫 

The “Broken Arrow“ is guiding us to embrace the energy of peace and let go of the need to “protect ourselves.” There is a message that you are safe. We have all been hurt in the past. We have put up shields, and some of us built armor to help protect us from experiencing that pain again. And although that seems perfectly reasonable, the truth is, these shields are only blocking us from experiencing the love, freedom, peace, and joy we truly desire. Our fears of pain, disappointment, or failure are holding us back from even dreaming the dream of what’s possible and sometimes even acknowledging the things we really want.

I challenge you this week drop these shields and trust that the light is here to banish the darkness. You are safe and looked after. Now all we have to do is get out of our own way! Oh the places we may go!

With so much love, 


Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray

PS. I’d also like to wish a happy lunar new year to all who celebrate! 🧧The year of the rabbit. 🐇 I love this, as the rabbit has always been a sign of peace, hope, luck, abundance and prosperity. 💕 Bring it!