This last week in January, beginning of February brings with it promises for positive change and an end to challenging times. February is also the month of love and there are two archangels showing up to bring just that! 💚🌹

Archangel Raphael is here to help heal your heart, helping us see our situation through the lens of forgiveness. Archangel Jophiel is here to lift our thoughts back to love and fill our hearts with faith and hope. 

Our first card “Two of Water” speaks about forgiveness and the ending of challenges. It encourages us not to give up on people we love and to allow yourself the gift that comes with trusting another. Also remembering that forgiveness is a choice and a gift that we do for ourselves, not necessarily for another.

The “Star” is asking us to have faith that the future is bright! Positive changes are on the way. The Star in tarot is ruled by Aquarius and as we are now fully within Aquarius season, the energy of “we” feels palpable. This is a great time to take a step back to see the bigger picture and recognize how we are all connected. Trust that there is more than enough for everyone and that everything you need and more is on its way. (Or already within you!)

We have this Two of Water and the water bearer (💧water represents emotion) asking us to allow our emotions to flow. As you do, trust that you will not be overcome or overwhelmed by them. Be the observer. Allow yourself to feel this and observe how it moves through you. Let it wash over you as a cleansing, washing away old pain and hurt, leaving the heaviness behind. The light is here!

With so much love,



Deck: Angel Wisdom Tarot By: Radleigh Valentine