Tuning in to the energy for this week I was overwhelmed with the feeling of love, hope, and dare I say, excitement. There is magic in the air and a lot going on behind the scenes. 💫 If I could sum up this week with one word, it would be FAITH. 💗 

First we received the message that “You will manifest what you need!” There is something special on the way! This may be the answer to a prayer you’ve prayed or an intention you’ve set. Whatever it is, it is definitely a gift from the Divine. 💝

This support may come in the form of meeting the right people, supportive friends and family, new opportunities, finances, or any other kind of magic! 

This gift is accompanied with the promise that “Archangel Michael is with you now.” We are being guided to have faith that even though we may not be able to see it at the moment, the angels are working hard behind the scenes to help us move forward towards our goals. 

It’s important to remain in a place and space of gratitude. Have faith and trust that your prayers have been heard and are in fact on the way! You have a big purpose and the angels are clearing the way to help you on this path to happiness. Have faith and keep moving forward! 

With so much love,


Deck: Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light Oracle By: Radleigh Valentine