The energy of this week is  guiding us to go within, dream, journey, leading us to place of renewal. We received two warrior symbols indicating that we are in a space of lessons and growth. 

As the drum mimics the sound of the heartbeat, it’s time to listen and connect with this space. Trust your heart and follow the inner guidance that is rising within you. You are particularly connected and supported by the Divine at this time. The drum has cleared the cobwebs from your inner vision as well so know that what might feel like your thoughts or imagination are actually guidance.  Synchronicity is not a coincidence, it is confirmation.

You have been doing the inner work, and your angels and guides want to acknowledge/ recognize this. You are in a space of growth, expansion, and transformation. The “Snake” is asking us to trust the process. We are shedding old skin that might have been very comfortable at one time, but is now restricting and preventing us from moving freely. 

Again, learning from nature, as the snake sheds its skin, there is a moment where the snake is completely blind before wiggling free from this old shell. They are in complete trust, even blind, that on the other side of this transformation, they will emerge renewed, able to move, grow and expand. Trust your heart to guide you through this beautiful transformation and toward your greatest happiness. 

Have a beautiful week!

With love,


Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray