This week I can’t stress enough that it’s time to take care of you. We are “Feeling The World” more than we may even realize. We are affected and influenced by everything around us. We are sensitive beings living in a world where we are encouraged and taught to push on, push down, and push through. Sometimes it’s hard to even know where we end and others begin. 

This week we need to separate what is actually ours and what we are picking up or carrying that doesn’t belong to us. We need to honor our sensitivity and our boundaries! People-pleasing tendencies may have worked in the past, but it does not only not serve you now, it is holding you back. Honor yourself and your needs but please do this without the added emotions of guilt or shame. 

We are being encouraged to “Let it Go,” and as we are still in this full moon energy, there is no better time. We are letting go of old habits, old ways of thinking, perhaps people and situations that are no longer aligned. We are letting go of our negative and fearful thoughts and our ideas of exactly how something should unfold. The seeds of our intentions have been planted. Let’s allow these intentions to grow and unfold the way they need to. We are being encouraged to surrender our fear and trust that the Universe is working to bring us everything we need.  

If just for a moment you could give yourself the love, compassion, and grace you so freely give to others. Know that there is a divine plan in place. If you feel the need to retreat this week, or say no to others, trust your instincts, and take care of you. Also, please remember that your sensitivity IS a gift as are you! 💝 

Have a beautiful week

With so much love, always,


Deck; Oracle of the 7 energies  By: Colette Baron-Reid