The last few weeks in particular have felt like such an unfolding. 🪷 We have been encouraged a few times to drop the shields around our heart, to love and allow love, and to embrace forgiveness. To then embrace ourselves and our unique greatness, our more than enoughness! And finally to let go of the false identities and fears that are holding us back. This week feels like the next step. If you are reading this right now I just want to say that you’re doing it! You are ready and this message IS for YOU!

This week we received “Surrender”. Uggg 🙈 easier said than done I know, but behind this moment of courage is everything. It’s freedom! It’s about surrendering control, letting go and letting the universe support us. Surrender is accompanied by “Ask and Receive“ so buckle up, it’s time to get clear on what it is you would like to bring into your life and know that you are worthy of it all. Everything is possible! 

It’s time to call back your power and allow for the miracles you deserve. No more allowing what’s outside of us to divert us from our truest happiness. We’re being encouraged to shift our perception and see things through the eyes of gratitude. This gratitude will help usher in the answers to our prayers and the miracles we’ve been hoping for. 

It’s also important to see how we may have gotten in our own way? How may we have allowed others opinions or our own fear to create barriers to our success? The stories that may not have even started with us but that we allowed to replay over and over in our minds and claimed as truth… It’s all ego. (Gotta love that little shadow side, it’s only trying to keep us safe and unchanged BUT it lies). It’s not your truth anymore! 

We must surrender our need for control, let go of the reins a bit and trust that the universe is conspiring FOR us. Ask and receive! 🙏🏼 Yes, letting go and free falling can definitely be scary, but I promise, holding on so tight to the old hurts a lot more. Plus there is this… you won’t fall…you can fly! The angels have you! 😇

So much love

Always Nicole

Deck: Angel Guide Oracle  By: Kyle Gray

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