This week we received “Joan of Arc,” who is an amazing example of strength, courage, and leadership, despite the odds against her. No matter what her fate was, she certainly lived her life with unwavering faith and courage. We are being encouraged to draw on this strength, stand in our power and speak our truth. We need to see through or let go of the drama around us and focus on our purpose. (What’s really important and true for you?) If you have been feeling unseen or misunderstood, do not give up. Keep going! Not for the approval of others, but for the loving approval of one’s self. Answer your souls calling by honoring who you are and what you desire. Stop defending yourself and start loving yourself. 

Joan of arc accompanied by “Kali-Ma,” says the time to face your fears is now! We are at the end of a cycle and it is up to you whether you complete it and move on or begin the cycle again. It’s time to look fear in the eye and let it know who’s boss. We as humans have been so conditioned to move through our lives under incredible stress with fear present. As a matter of fact, as we let go of this fear, we might even feel a little shaken or empty. Do not fret, this is the space that allows for change and miracles to occur.

There are major spiritual changes unfolding and amazing opportunities for change and growth. Be strong, focused, and courageous as you move through this week knowing you have a whole team of support behind you. 

Sending love always

Nicole xoxo

Deck: Keepers of the Light  By: Kyle Gray