“Transformation” anyone? I don’t think I needed to turn over any cards to get this message loud and clear. This isn’t a miraculous transformation, it has been unfolding for quite some time. For each of us it’s a little bit different depending where you are on your journey. But one things for sure, we are no longer the same as we were. Our fall backs and old ways of doing things no longer work. We have been releasing all belief systems, and letting go of the past. We have been shedding old skin yet calling back pieces of ourselves that we had left behind. (This work is not for the faint hearted 💪🏽)

Change is here, and by change I mean freedom! To have different results we need to be doing things differently. I recently had the epiphany that sometimes the things we truly want and desire can be just as scary as the things we don’t want. Maybe our fear is based on worthiness, or fear of disappointment and heartbreak. Either way it’s okay to feel this way, just move anyway! It’s time to rewrite your story.  This may be a new chapter or a whole new damn book, either way you are the author and co-creator of your world! 

Change can be scary. Oftentimes a caged bird won’t even fly out with the door open. The door is open for you now. Claim this freedom. Trust that everything you’ve experienced in your life has brought you to this moment. This week things are going to start moving.(“8 of Fire”) It might even feel a little overwhelming with so much going on but you are more than equipped to handle all of it. There may be some unexpected positive opportunities coming your way. Say yes to the ones that light you up the most, even if you don’t feel “ready.” (YOU ARE) 

Archangel Michael has been a strong presence these last few weeks. Trust that the universe and the angels have your back. The cords have been cut. It’s okay to feel emotional about these releases, but know that you are being led in the direction of your highest purpose, happiness and joy.

Wishing you a week filled with so much love and magical opportunities!

Always Nicole 

Deck: Angel Wisdom Tarot  By: Radleigh Valentine 

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