If I could pick one word for the energy of this week it would be renewal. Our first card, the “Secret Spring”🧚🏼‍♀️ speaks about success flowing into our lives. This is yet another week encouraging us to take action in support of our dreams. It’s important to realize that all things are possible and perhaps let go of our expectations on how that will happen. If you feel as if you have been knocked down, get up, find the lesson in it, and then keep going! 

The “Phoenix”🔥 says rise! We are in a space of change and rebirth. You may feel as if you are at an ending, but in reality, it is a new beginning. There’s no need to struggle, as the Universe has your back!  Whatever feels heavy for you at this time is only coming up to be cleared. Allow the old and tired to fade away. A time of renewal for both your physical body and your soul is at hand. Allow yourself to receive this beautiful and quite magical energy, filled with vitality, success, opportunity, and renewal flowing to you at this time.  

Stay positive! Release expectations and limiting beliefs! Act and feel as if your dreams have already come true. Things are not as they seem! Something you may have thought would never change is in fact changing into something amazing. Fabulous opportunities are on the way and they may show up in the least expected places and unexpected ways. 

Rise like the Phoenix, trusting that a new cycle is beginning. Know that everything that has burned away and every cycle before this, still lives inside you. May you embrace this magical time as the best is yet to come!

With so much love

Always, Nicole 

Deck: The Sacred Forest Oracle By: Denise Linn