This week we received the “Direction Guardian” 🧭 which feels like the natural next step to transformation. (Last weeks card). The time to choose a direction has come. This allows the Universe to better help us move forward. (Just waiting on our free will 😆) If you feel like you are at a crossroads and not really sure where to go next, call in the angels to help guide your way. They want me to remind you that there is no set path you must choose. No “right” door. There may be many doors leading to many different pathways. And although each journey might look different, the destination is the same. Happiness. 

Paired with the “Fire Guardian” 🔥we are definitely being guided to choose with our heart and what lights us up the most. Passion is a powerful thing and the angels are encouraging us to let our passion lead the way. 

The angels of fire are surrounding us this week. They are not here to burn anything down! They are here to help ignite your inner flame and passions. They are encouraging us to allow these flames to burn away any guilt, shame, or fear that may be holding us back from living our best life. AND from the new beautiful experiences that are awaiting us. 

 If I could, for a moment, I’d like to just talk about transformation. Transformation is an undoing of the old. We must sometimes demolish in order to rebuild. For some this can be a beautiful, exciting, and welcomed experience. But for many of us it is messy, painful, scary and even sad. It’s also important to realize that transformation is ALWAYS leading you towards something better. It’s a part of growing and evolving. Let go of the past, choose a direction, and have faith that everything is possible. 💫 

Follow your heart and what lights you up and you can’t choose wrong! 

Have a great week! Don’t forget you can use Thursday’s new moon to amplify your intentions! 🌚

Always Nicole

Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray 

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