If you received my monthly newsletter, you know that the month of July is all about taking deliberate action and moving forward with purpose. This will be a month of putting into motion our intentions, and making choices from an empowered place. Well, this weeks message, “A Powerful Move,” drives that home. This is a time of moving our intentions out of the realm of thought and into reality. 

Take steps toward your intended experience and start first with the way you think! This full moon we are experiencing may be of assistance in shedding light on where we have self sabotaged ourselves in the past, or where we need to perhaps have better boundaries. This is a time to check in and assess what’s going on around you and within you so you can move forward clearly. Be open and clear about your motives and desires. Do not underestimate the power of intention! Stay curious and open to discover new things.  

The “Divine Matrix” is asking us to trust the way things unfold.  Notice synchronicities and know that there is no such thing as coincidence! There is also this reminder that in the tapestry of life we are each our own beautiful, unique, magical thread. We are part of something much bigger, and this tapestry would not be complete without our part in it. As we are so interconnected and woven with others, our reality is most definitely affected by this. But it is important to remember the power we hold to co-create our lives. Pay attention to the patterns you are weaving. Embrace your magic! Imagine that everything possible under the sun is waiting to be claimed, and go get it! Know that you are special, you are worthy and deserving of the reality you choose. 

There’s no need to rush, you may take your time, but take that action. Do the thing that needs to be done. Claim that magic! What an exciting time! 

Sending love

Always, Nicole ✨ 

Deck: oracle of the seven By: Colette Baron Reid