This week we are continuing with the “rise like a phoenix” energy from last week. The “High Priestess“ is also encouraging us to rise up at this time. Now, we are not all going to magically ascend. This energy of rising above, rebirth, and transformation requires dedication and discipline. It’s important to stay positive and focused on what is most important to you and your happiness. Prioritize! Trust your intuition and the magic that resides within you! Your focus and will are so much more powerful than you realize!

The “Sage” represents the wise one within you and is also doubling down on that message of devotion. This is a powerful energy! The angels and guides want to acknowledge your commitment to your growth. You are expanding in new and beautiful ways. This is a time of integration as we sort of re-calibrate and get used to the newness upon us. Just breathe through this and trust that once you get your sea legs beneath you they can carry you anywhere! 

Know that your past does not define you but has made you stronger. The things that you have learned and experienced throughout your life can be a a great assistance to others if you choose to share. There is also a message that this is a good time to find a mentor, but also to stand up and be one as well. 

It’s time to really embrace your power and your gifts. Trust your intuition and the power of your intention. You are a powerful mystic and it’s time to rise up and claim this truth.

Have a beautiful week, 

Always Nicole 

Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray