Wow August already! As I spoke about last week this time of transformation is also a time of opportunity. For some this is exciting, for others it feels a little rough but honestly it is both! The angels are surrounding you at this time with the energy of courage, strength, protection, guidance, and a little manifestation magic to boot! ✨ 

This week we received “10 of fire.”🔥 This is a card about working too hard, feeling exhausted and possibly a little overwhelmed. It feels like there’s a lot of things coming at us at once even if these things are just our own thoughts. Overthinking, analyzing and worrying can create many challenges in our lives not to mention it doesn’t feel great! 🤕 Archangel Michael is here to help clear these thoughts and anything else that is weighing on you at this time.

I had to smile when I pulled the next card of “Strength”! If you take a look at this beautiful image on our strength card you will see Archangel Ariel kneeling beside a very content and proud looking lion. 👑 I love this for so many reasons. One, we are in Leo season. ♌️ Two, we are also right in the middle of the Lions gate portal 🦁(peeking on 8/8) and three, I have been spending a lot of time with Archangel Ariel lately and she is one of my favorites! 💗

The message is this. You are so much stronger than you think you are. That beautiful lion doesn’t have to do anything to prove how powerful they are. They just need to be. Archangel Ariel is all about abundance and will help us to manifest our dreams. But probably most importantly she will help you find the courage and the strength to claim those dreams. This is the time!

Call on Archangel Michael and Ariel this week. They are a power duo! 💙💗 And remember… You are the lion! 🦁 

Have a magical week


Deck: Angel Wisdom  By: Radleigh Valentine 

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