We’ve been talking a lot about focused intention and the need to take some action steps toward our goals. At the same time we’ve been encouraged to slow down a bit, witnessing what’s going on around us, and noticing any repeated patterns. All this with the goal of breaking free from old cycles, digesting lessons learned, and moving in a new direction. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the rest because this week feels busy!

The Knight and Eight of Fire 🔥 (wands) are here to say expect the unexpected and it’s time to move! It’s important to trust your instincts and stay focused. There may be an exciting new opportunity at hand, or perhaps clarity on an idea. Either way, it’s time to take charge and take action. Follow your passion and trust that your soul knows the way. 

You may feel a bit stressed with so much going on this week, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. You are a multitasking Queen/King! 👑 As a matter of fact, most of this busyness are positive opportunities bursting all around you. And the rest is just noise, so don’t lose focus or allow yourself to get distracted. Find time to get grounded and clear, as you might feel a little dizzy from all this fire. 🤪

If an opportunity comes up for travel, take it! This will be a super positive experience and support your growth. If you are not traveling geographically, know that you are on a voyage as well. Traveling to a place of new opportunity! Let’s get prepared, but leave room for the unexpected. Stay focused. Have a clear vision of what you’d like to experience.  And remember that the journey is just as important as the destination! Enjoy the journey! 

With so much love always, 

Nicole 💫 

Deck: Angel wisdom Tarot By: Radleigh Valentine