Last week the angels were asking us to trust the Universe. This week we are being encouraged to drop our shields, take a risk, and allow ourselves to trust another. Obviously choose wisely. It would be silly to trust someone who has proven themselves untrustworthy. However using your discernment and allowing yourself to be just a little vulnerable will result in growth beyond measure. 

Relationships are opportunities for healing. They often act as mirrors. We are being encouraged to look into those mirrors and the relationships around us. (This includes all kinds of relationships.) Can you see how far you’ve come? Can you see what still may need to change? And “Into me I see“. 🪞

It’s important to honor our sensitivity. Beyond encouraging us to be vulnerable connecting with another, they are challenging us to resist the urge to numb out. Encouraging us to connect with the world around us, but perhaps from a broader perspective. Can we see the beauty in it all? Even the messy, imperfect, or challenging parts?

Although it doesn’t always feel like it, empathy is a gift. It reminds us that we are all connected and a part of something greater. As we are “feeling the world” it’s important to have clear boundaries! If you’re feeling drained around someone perhaps you are allowing them to siphon your energy. Sometimes using the word NO is the most loving thing you can do for yourself. 

The truth is, the magic is in the middle. It’s always about the balance! We sometimes shut down when we’re “feeling too much“. We protect ourselves by distancing ourselves, masking, and shielding our hearts. But in doing this we are blocking ourselves from so many loving experiences. Protect your energy, not your heart. This IS the strongest part of you. Anahata (the Sanskrit word for the heart chakra), literally means unstruck, unhurt & unbeaten.

Allow yourself the gift of connection this week. Feel into the world around you while honoring yourself and your needs. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with another and trust that this vulnerability is actually a strength. And finally, eyes wide open, bravely mirror gaze into what the world around you is reflecting.  Do this without judgment, finding the beauty and lessons they offer.

Sending you all a big Care bear stare 🌈

Always Nicole

Deck: Oracle of the 7 Energies  By: Colette Baron-Reid

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