This week feels so aligned with how the energy has been feeling and in sync with the messages we have been receiving. “Adventures” and “Taking Risks,” oh my! Something exciting and magical is right around the corner! We are entering a new phase in our lives. A new cycle with new opportunities for happiness. For me, if the last three years were a bit of an “undoing,” it feels like we are now entering a time of “becoming.”

We are being encouraged to look at the world around us in new and different ways. We are ready to remove the blinders that have been clouding our senses. It’s time to stop letting others dictate or tell our story for us. YOU are the author of this book! There’s also an opportunity to let go of the mundane and stagnant energy around us, replacing it with excitement and adventure if this is what you choose. This opportunity may come from a place you never expected, so keep your eyes open, you never know who will be opening that door. 

It’s time to step beyond your normal. Take risks. Face your fears. In order for things to change, we need to be willing to do something different. Do something outside of your comfort zone. No matter the outcome, this will feed your expansion. Do not let fear of potential failure or disappointment stop you. Embrace it! So often the most brilliant successes come in the face of failure. 

Listen to your inner voice rather than the voices and opinions of others. The voice of your soul whispers, “what if?” The ego is the voice of fear. This voice can also be mimicked by the world around you. It’s the one that says, “no, stay small, stay safe.” Well I am here to tell you that you ARE safe! The angels want to remind you that fear and excitement are actually the same feeling! You will not be swept away by these emotions. Allow them to move through you, filling you with life force, excitement and possibility.  

With so much love always 

Nicole ✨ 

Deck: Sacred Destiny  By: Denise Linn