This week Archangel Michael is coming in strong! Michael is a fierce protector, he helps us feel safe and is a powerful guide. Take a moment to look at the images on each card. In the first card Michael is literally standing right in our pathway. ✋🏼 In the second card we see two paths. One is well lit and inviting while the other appears to be more in the shadows. This week we’re being encouraged to pause and maybe even pivot a bit. Michael is guiding us, he’s showing us there may be a better way or choice available to us. 

This suit of “Michael“ (swords) is all about thought, and honestly one of the biggest creations of obstacles in our lives is our own thinking. 🫣 It’s important this week to be objective. Let’s uncloud our minds from the emotions that may be getting in our way, allowing us to think and see more clearly. Trust your inner wisdom and the guidance that is rising up within you. Remember that you don’t have to do it alone. (And you’re not!)

There also may be a situation or an opportunity that calls for honest and open communication. It’s important to stay in your integrity. Michael is here to help you feel safe to speak your truth and will also help you find the courage to do so. 

Again, a pause for a clearer view or a second look to choose a path forward is being called for. This comes as the most loving hug of a heads up to help lead us in the direction of our greatest joy, peace and happiness. 🕊💗🙏🏼

With so much love, 

Have a great week!

Nicole ✨ 

Deck: Archangel Power Tarot By: Radleigh Valentine 

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