For this last week in June we received the “Water Spirit,” here to remind you that dreams do come true and although you might not necessarily be able to see it in this moment, things are absolutely happening behind the scenes. This is a ripe time for manifestation so stay focused and positive! Most importantly, you must know that YOU deserve and are worthy of all your dreams coming true!

It’s important for us to be in a space of gratitude and joy. This energy allows abundance to flow. We should move as if our dreams have already come true. Believe that everything is possible, because it is! It’s a good time to take action steps in this direction. 

It’s also super important to allow your emotions to flow through you. Do not deny them, or push them down. Honor them as your souls truth. This flow clears our channel for manifestation, and we are ready!

The “Spirit Guardian of Winter” is encouraging us to pull back from people and situations that do not serve us. Let go of anything or anyone that drains you. It’s also important to protect your energy. We can do this by asking the angels each morning to surround us with their protective light from harsh or lower energies, only allowing love in. We can also do this by having clear boundaries. These are actually incredible acts of self love! It’s time to renew and replenish. You are cultivating your dreams, and like any new seedling it needs protection, love and care, until it becomes strong enough all on its own. Imagine yourself in this snow globe, protected and guided as you cultivate your dreams. 

Have a magical week 💫 

Much love, Nicole

Deck: The Sacred Forest Oracle By: Denise Linn