This week we received the “Aspen Spirit” which is asking us to embrace courage. We are being guided step forward no matter what seems to be standing in our way. You are protected, safe, and ready! Community is also important right now so be open to help from others. Allow yourself the vulnerability of connecting with other like-minded people. Ask for assistance if needed and remember that this assistance extends to our sprit parters as well. You don’t have to do it all alone! Be fearless! 

The “Unicorn” comes with a message of purity, encouraging us to let go of our old stories and past experiences, and to see the world through new eyes of wonder. Connect with the innocence, hope, and faith of your inner child. Believe that everything is possible. The past doesn’t define you! Remember, we are being guided to have courage, stepping through these limiting beliefs. This is a card of miracles and magic! Allow this magic to unfold in your life now! 🪄 

Trust that on the other side of whatever you are stepping through at this time is freedom. There is an opportunity for new happiness and endless possibility. Again, I encourage you to reconnect with your inner child. There is so much more wisdom there than you realize. Perhaps do something fun that she or he would have loved. And remember that child still lives within you. You are a beautiful and pure soul, a child of the Divine. Remember this always. 💗

Have a beautiful week 

with love always


Deck: the secret forest Oracle By: Denise Linn